About Shamin Brown

Educate, Equip, Empower

Welcome to Shamin Brown Consulting. I am Shamin Brown.

Social work professional and certified life & health coach, I aim to educate, equip and empower women and youth. I want to see educated and empowered females in charge of their lives and recoveries and pursuing their passions.

As a local therapist and national coach and group facilitator, I encourage all females who are struggling with their self esteem while they learn to find greater balance, embrace change and practice self-love.

As an international poet and public speaker, I use art and story to build a heart connection with my audience as a foundation for deeper sharing and engaged learning, using personal experiences. I see my work as “building bridges through self-expression and learning from the common threads we find there”.

I am the author of “I’m an Addict: In Bits And Pieces.” I am a complex trauma survivor who has lived through sexual exploitation/prostitution, addiction, childhood sexual trauma, domestic violence and narcissistic/emotional abuse.  I believe strongly in the value of lived experience in supporting the healing journey and  I am an advocate for the promotion and support of survivor leadership. I dream of a future where survivors are united, peers are supporting peers and, together, we rise as a strong community of leaders and kin.

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