Meet Shamin Brown

“My story is my ministry.”

Shamin is a survivorship practitioner and art and story activist. 

She is a social work professional with lived experience who is committed to  inspiring change for survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, and  the communities that serve them, through art, training and support. 

Art & story activist, Shamin Brown, is the author of “I’m an Addict:In Bits And Pieces”. She is a complex trauma survivor who has lived experience with sexual exploitation/prostitution along with addiction, childhood sexual trauma, domestic violence and narcissistic/emotional abuse. She shares her recovery journey in an effort to support the experiential voice by raising awareness of the multiple intersecting traumas that many sexually exploited persons must work through in their recovery as well as encouraging mindfulness, self compassion and healing in the lives of those who share her story in any way.

Public speaker and poet, Shamin uses art and story to build a heart connection with her audience that will act as a foundation for deeper sharing and engaged learning. She sees her work as “building bridges through self-expression and learning from the common threads we find there”.

She aims to do this through raising awareness of the realities of the sex trade, educating communities on the attitudes needed to be effective helpers and creating greater understanding of the healing process.

Shamin believes strongly in the value of lived experience in addressing the impacts of the sex industry and  is an advocate for the promotion and support of survivor leadership. She dreams of a future where survivors are united, peers are supporting peers and, together, they rise as a strong community of leaders and kin.

She offers consultation, workshops, lectures, presentations, and performances to communities invested in the healing and recovery of survivors.

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Shamin Brown Consulting


Bachelor of Social Work

University of Manitoba


Joy Smith Foundation Canadian Heroes Inspiration Award

Shamin was awarded the Joy Smith Foundation Canadian Hero Inspiration Award for her humanitarian work in raising awareness, facilitating healing of sexual exploited persons and exploring issues affecting women and youth such as prostitution/sexual exploitation, addictions, violence, harm reduction, healthy relationships, and the like.


  • Government of Manitoba:  2020 Annual Stop Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Conference: Master of Ceremonies.
  • Anishnawbe Giikinimowgaywin: 2019 Helping The Helpers Conference: “Trauma and Shame in Recovery: Building Resilience Through Connection”. Presenter.
  • University of Toledo: Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute and the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition, 2018 Annual International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference: “Trauma and Shame in Recovery: Building Resilience Through Connection”. Presenter. 
  •  2018 BF Wellness Cluster Gathering. “Trauma and Shame in Recovery: Building Resilience Through Connection”. Keynote Speaker and panelist
  •  University of Winnipeg Global College: Emerging Issues In Human Rights: Sex Trafficking: Global to Local Dimensions Course (with Gunilla Ekberg, Jennifer Richardson and Rachel Moran). Guest Lecturer,Panelist& Online Facilitator.
  • University of Winnipeg Global College: Emerging Issues In Human Rights: Global Sex Trafficking.(with Gunilla Ekberg, Diane Redsky, Bridget Perrier and Marilou McPhedran).Guest Lecturer,Panelist& Online Facilitator.
  • University of Winnipeg Global College: Emerging Issues In Human Rights:“Choice versus Consent”.Guest Lecturer,Panelist& Online Facilitator.
  • University of Winnipeg Global College: Emerging Issues In Human Rights:“Trauma and Shame in Recovery: Building Resilience Through Connection”.Guest Lecturer,Panelist& Online Facilitator.
  • Canadian Mennonite University. “Human Trafficking: The Story of a Survivor” Workshop Facilitator.
  • B&L Resources For Children, Youth and Families. Annual Conference, “Through A Child’s Eyes”.“Lessons From Living The Nightmare” Keynote Speaker
  •  B&L Resources For Children, Youth and Families. Annual Conference:“Through A Child’s Eyes”. “Invisible Child: Trauma and Trust”. Keynote Speaker.


  • Issue Box Theatre: I Want You To See Me Project: Invisible Child. Launched at 2020 Annual International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference
  • Artists and Artisans Development and Network: Her Voice: Into Me See. Online event
  • Clan Mothers: Stop Daa Violence Video: Into Me See.
  •  Sarasvati Productions: FemFest 2017; Stolen Sisters Cabaret of Monologues. Eckhardt Grammate Hall.
  •  Sarasvati Productions: FemFest 2017; The Human Library. Millennium Library.
  •   Brightscape Endeavors, Brandon, MB
  •  Child Protection Branch: Stop Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Event
  • Child Protection Branch Sexual Exploitation Unit: Community Anti-Trafficking Presentations. Paungassi, MB and Little Grand Rapids, MB
  • One88 (Inner City Christian Ministry)
  • Manitoba Youth Center
  •  SOAR Manitoba
  •  Salvation Army Justice & Corrections: The John School Program.
  • Strongheart Buffalo Woman Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • B&L Group homes, Gertrude House


  • St Raphael Wellness  Center.  “Life Support”.
  • New Beginnings Church. Youth Session
  • Sarasvati Productions: International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues. Performances at Ukrainian Labor Temple, Thunderbird House and Eckhardt Hall.
  • Canadian Teacher Federation & Manitoba Teachers’ Society. CTF Women’s Symposium, “Social Justice Education At The Heart of Women’s Human Rights”.
  •  River East Collegiate (with MP joy Smith)
  • Dignity House: PEARL (Prostitutes Exiting and Restoring Lives) graduation
  • Beautiful Unique Girl TV


Tracia’s Trust Advisory Council of Knowledge Keepers

Provide bridging, support, consultation and advocacy to the experiential community, including service providers; Develop initiatives to support the safety and healing of sexually exploited adults and youth such as a bad date app/site and educational materials for various communities; Plan, Coordinate and facilitate awareness events, healing opportunities (retreats, marches, etc.) and community bridging; Build relationships with partners

Sexually Exploited Youth Community Coalition

Work collaboratively with over 50 other agency representative, includings municipal and provincial government; Lobbied for legislative reforms related to sexual exploitation of youth such as MB Strategy, Tracia’s Trust and, the Nordic Model (adapted as Bill C-36); Participate in development of resources for exploited youth such as H.O.M.E, TERF Transition House and a 24/7 resource centre; Participated in needs assessments and qualitative research


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