Recovery Is Forever

Trauma, addiction, codependency… Some of the many areas survivors lives are impacted by. As we step into recovery we find a Pandora’s box of old tapes, internalized messages that we have unknowingly allowed to define our Truth.
There are so many old tapes that play on repeat in our minds. Damaging self talk, rooted in childhood trauma, that has been hardwired into the neurological pathways of our brains.
We must learn to really look at and challenge these thoughts with our new truths about ourselves.
Interestingly, as we practice this we often find that, when we have identified the thought that needs to be addressed, we struggle to find an alternative way of thinking. Or, we struggle to believe (feel, act on, reflect it in our attitude).
Understand that rewiring the brain is a long process. We have to learn a new language and consistently notice when our old tapes are playing and replace them with our new truth/thought. It takes a lot of practice and intention.
Sometimes the tapes take control before we notice, sometimes we get stuck… But we are learning and growing each time. Recovery is forever. Be patient with us