Relationships Heal

Relationships are a huge part of recovery and, as we evolve, so does our “love” life. Our connections to friends, coworkers, family… they all change. Some grow, some go, some need space, some we are still reflecting on. Those we loved deeply… we still love, just in a different way now. Some closer, some farther. Our inner circle shrinks. It takes shape. We learn who we can trust and what we can trust them with. We discover what makes us feel safe (and what doesn’t) and begin to pursue that safety in all of our relationships.
Relationships heal us.
Good ones build us up and allow us to thrive. Bad ones teach us who we are not (or don’t want to be) and show us where we need to heal. This is the most important part for survivors, I think. Healing ourselves. Being in our bodies. Being present in the moment. Trusting the process. Paying attention to our needs, thoughts and emotions. And discovering ways to love ourselves through meeting those needs, avoiding situations and people that trigger big stuff, connecting with those who inspire us, trying new things…
I think this is the most important part for survivors because relationships heal us. And our relationship with ourselves is the most important. During the times that we are ready to include ourselves in our “love” life and allow our relationship with ourselves to evolve, we will find ourselves having the kinds of relationships we want with others as well.

It’s all part of the process