Strength in Vulnerability

I have spent many years watching the strong women around me, learning from them, admiring them, aspiring to be like them. And I know that there are many people in my life who look up to me and do the same thing so I wanted to share this with you: It is okay to be weak as well as strong. Years of trauma; sexual abuse, domestic violence, physical violence and family dysfunction do NOT just disappear. Even when you are sober. Even when you are healthy and well. Even when you have an education and a career. Not everyday will be a good day. Old tapes will still play. And that is when you need to stand your ground and use your faith – whatever it is – to fight back. Sometimes, allowing yourself to grieve, to feel, and to “be weak” is the strongest thing that you can do…as long as you don’t let yourself stay there too long.

PS. Pain is not weakness, vulnerability is not weakness, sharing yourself with others is not weakness. It is courage and it is strength.