Sexual Exploitation & Lived Experience

Services for Youth, Adults & Survivor-Engaging Organizations

What Does Recovery Mean To You?

Sexual exploitation is the act the act of forcing, persuading or engaging a child, under the age of 18, into a sexual act, in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food, protection or other necessities. 
Lived Experience refers to folks who have a history of experiencing sexual exploitation or sex trafficking.
Sexual Exploitation Education Workshop for staff or youth

SEE IT: Vulnerability Factors is a 5 module workshop that offers tools for recovery and supports youth in developing concrete action plans to address vulnerability factors within the sexual exploitation experience. Each module is 2 days, up to 3 hours each day

Peer Consulting for Adults with Lived Experience

Peer Consulting is goal-oriented solution-focussed support for lived experience persons with a dream they need support moving to the next level…

Applying for school? Writing a book? Starting a business? Let’s talk about it.

Responsible Survivor Engagement for Survivor-Engaging Organizations

Responsible Survivor Engagement Liason services are offered to organizations that wish to develop survivor-friendly materials, events and/or programs or engage survivors in research, coalitions, speaking/filming engagements and more. I want to support you in doing so in a way that respects the recovery process, supports and promotes survivor leadership and avoids the re-traumatization and re-exploitation of those with lived experience (survivors).